If you can’t name it, you can’t write it

Some people in my company have recently decided that they need some some more layers in their architecture. They are right, as it happens; but they are going about it all wrong. They are attempting to create a framework and we all know what happens when you put on your architecture hat and start building frameworks. Architecture astronauts only. Rather than solving specific problems and rolling them up in a framework they have started with the idea that they want a framework that wraps the database up and produces objects. And it should use LINQ. And it should do all sorts of cool stuff.

Unfortunately, since they don’t know what cool stuff it will do, they didn’t know what to call it so they held a little competition for people to suggest a name. And that is the problem, if you don’t even know what a thing should be called, how do you know what it is? If you don’t know what it is, you cannot sit down and write the code.

Of course, I pointed this out and made them very unhappy. A quick browse throught the source control history revealed that they had not started coding without any requirements. Of course, there were lots of empty interfaces with one object implementing the interface with only the method signature! And they really funny thing is that they have already changed the name.. When they started they called it ClientAPI (actually the “client” refers to the customers of the business, not client as in “client-server”). The later they changed it to ClientBusinessObjects. Great name.

And the really, really funny thing is that they aren’t business objects, they are actually database objects and that factory classes from the database! It will be really fun when they start reading pattern books too!


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