Published (nearly)

If you haven’t seen the site 97 things that every software architect should know, I suggest you check it out. There are some great articles from some fantastic software people and trainers like
* Greg Hohpe (of Enterprise Integration Patterns fame)
* Kevlin Henny (who I’ve seen at DevWeek)
* Neal Ford (of ThoughtWorks, who I’ve also seen at DevWeek)

They will be published as a book in 2009 by O Reilly.

My personal favourite, is Build systems to be Zuhanden.

And there are two others that I am proud to say that I wrote that will be included in the book:
* A rose by any other name will end up as a cabbage
* Stable problems get high quality solutions

and one other that was accepted to the site, but not into the book(Actually, I like this one more than the other, but as this isn’t a book about agile techniques, it wasn’t accepted).
* Quality is a feature

I’m published, don’t you know ;-). I don’t think my thesis counts, as no one ever read it..


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