Frank Herbert knows good Scrum

From Dune by Frank Herbert:

“Everything around him moved smoothly in the ancient routine that required no orders.

‘Give as few orders as possible,’ his father had told him… once… long ago. ‘Once you give orders on a subject you must always give orders on that subject.’

This is the essence of the “self-organising” team that is at the heart of the scrum philosophy. You know that you are on to something when your management ideas contain as much truth about human beings as the finest novels. There is a tension between individuals who stand up and take responsibility and the way that those individuals support each other and form a team. Not everyone can do it, and not every situation will tolerate such a group. This is the way that people who trust and respect each other work together without any formalism; the question is: can you systematize it as Scrum attempts to do? Can you “Adam Smith” the relationships between team members that make people to work hard to retain the trust of others and attain pride in what they do?

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