Rocketeer knows good agile

So, I was reading this book, Great Mambo chicken and the transhuman condition *, which has a short quote from rocket engineer Bob Truax and what he thinks about developing rockets.

“We came up with a set of ground rules for designing a lanch vehicle. Make it big, make it simple, make it reusable. Don’t push the state of the art, and don’t make it any more reliable than it needs to be. And never mix people and cargo, because the reliability requirements are worlds aparts.”

Oh yes. He knows. Understanding that quality is an adjustable feature and don’t waterproof something that will never see water.

* the book is slightly odd; it is a bit of a rag bag of bits and pieces about nanotechnology, rocketry, going into space, and transcending the physical flesh and moving our minds into giant fractal robots. All rubbish but fun stuff.

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