So, what is code? If you are reading this you probably already know. But you probably also know people that think they know

But actually, what they are really wondering is why they can do a formula in excel and why everything takes a long time.

Perhaps you could get them to read this:

It’s a pretty wide tour, covering some of computer science, the culture of programmers, corporate politics and even git. It actually knows all the stereotypical answers and references them, but it’s too long for anyone who doesn’t have some skin in the game. For instance, I’m not going to show this to any of my family who don’t code in the hope they will understand me better. The fact that it’s a 30,000 word article tells them enough; and they already know: that I’m tedious.

However, it’s pretty good; I quote: “You’ve learned that the only appropriate reward for people who write JavaScript is more JavaScript.”


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