It’s not a little bit cheaper

From Amazon letter to shareholders which is doing the rounds at the moment, on their database offering Aurora

“It has commercial-grade durability and availability, is fully compatible with MySQL, has up to 5 times better performance than the typical MySQL implementation, but is 1/10th the price of the traditional, commercial-grade database engines.”


Not because Cloud is cool, or because it is web scale (“Mongo db is web scale!”).

Cloud is going to destroy all the on-prem because it’s 10 times easier to get what you want, now, right now. And you don’t have to patch the SAN, and VMware, and the firewall, and the OS and the database server. And 1/10 of the cost. Not a bit cheaper, and a bit better. It is so much cheaper and so much better. That’s the thing that has only recently occurred to me, it’s not only a cost argument; it is a transformational change in how easy it is to get what you need.

Of course there are other risks like vendor lock in to Amazon (or whoever). But here’s the thing: you have that anyway. You think that you can change from VMWare to Hypervisor? Or from VM to physical? You can’t. Or, you can, but at so much cost and time that it would be as easy to go cloud.

Yes yes, the NSA will be reading your files, but they are doing that anyway. We shouldn’t belittle those risks, because they are the real risks. The potential company destroying risks that directors are paid to take on (even though there isn’t enough evidence, they need to decide anyway). We shouldn’t be too bold ignoring those risks but the advantages of cloud are quite tangible.


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