PowerShell : slow data in a file

Say you have a script that gets data from a lot of different places, it’s slow to run when you are developing but you probably want to connect to them all when you run for real. If that’s you, then you can save the results of your slow connections in a file with just one line of script and keep using that file unless you have to re-get fresh data.

I’ve found using PoSh’s Export-CliXml and Import-CliXml to store the results from a slow operation nice and easy, but it can output any PoSh object.

 = (join-path $PSScriptRoot
 $resultsFileRedo = $false
$bigListOfThings = get-ListOfThings
 write-host "about to get the slow data from $($bigListOfThings.count) things"
 foreach($eachThing in $bigListOfThings)
 write-host "doing $eachThing"
 $eachThingData = Get-SlowDataThatTakesAges $eachThing
 $slowData.add($eachThing , $eachThingData)
 del $resultFile
 $slowData | export-clixml $resultFile
 $slowData = import-clixml $resultFile


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