RStudio grabbing data from Excel

Getting started with R can be the most tricky part, and the part where you lose out most to a click ‘n’ drag solution like Excel and Tableau.

So how can we get started faster and level that playing field? Well I must unlearn what I have learned about programming.

wise green data analyst


Well I just found this little “Import dataset” button in Rstudio which gets you up and running faster


This is another case where I need to change my mindset: R is not programming, it’s just doing the work of analysis. We don’t need to write a program, we need to do the analysis in this productivity environment that uses code. So don’t write a program that imports and cleans data from a file… click that button and just import the data to the environment and get started!

Clicking it give a few options (CSV, Stata, etc.) but of course the main one for us is EXCEL.

If lets you look at the columns and tabs in the sheet, skip rows that don’t contain data and you just click go and you have the data in your environment ready to go. Or you can cut the code that loads the file, just as easily.

Don’t code, analyse using code. Use the productivity features of the data workshop and you must unlearn what you have learned.



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