Gitting better at git

I use git for my work with RStudio but only in a very crude “click this and then click that” way. You know the ritual: stage-commit-pull-push and pray that nothing goes awry.

Of course, anyone wise knows that you have to know git on the command line. Not to be a guru, but to be effective.

I’ve been working with this book today: and it’s excellent. I bought my own copy.

After about an hour with the book, I checked in from the command line from my embedded powershell terminal inside RStudio, and didn’t I feel like a grown up?

What’s good about it?

  • lean and brief; well written
  • gets you working within 5 minutes
  • dispels fear by repeated practice

Caveat: It’s deeper than my knowledge, so I can’t tell if it contains the deepest advice. Also – for a windows dev – I’ve been on the command line a fair bit.

I’m recommending this book to everyone who goes near git.


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